Skin Flora or Microbiome

What is Skin Flora?

Have you ever wondered what makes your skin react differently to everyone else’s? Perhaps your favourite product that you’ve used for years starts to have a different effect on your skin for no reason at all, or your friend’s ‘holy-grail’ product doesn’t work for you.

This is because there is a community of billions of friendly microorganisms living on our skin. These are known as Skin Flora or Microbiome. This is a sort of invisible eco-system that lives on the skin and is working to keep our skin healthy and in good condition.

This community is unique to each person, a bit like a fingerprint. There are parts that are similar for everyone, but some parts are unique to you. The word ‘biome’ was coined by Joshua Lederberg in 2001. He signified the ecological community of commensal symbiotic and pathogenic organisms that share our body space.

So, what affects our Skin Flora?

Your lifestyle, genetics, diet, home life and pets are factors that may affect your skin biome. These will be different all over your body top to toe. Your microbiome is in constant communication with your skin to help control conditions within it. A lot of research is being done in labs to create substances that engage and manipulate the skin’s biome.

The microbiome is not just an inhabitant of skin, it is actively engaged with it. Some view the microbiome, determined by DNA, more as a participant, for example, in metabolism, etc. It’s like the discovery of a new organ.

My main concern is how to improve our skin biome by keeping the skin in good health. Our upcoming Night and Day Moisture Creams have been formulated with this process in mind.

How can this be used in the Skincare Industry?

In the USA there was a Microbiome Symposium that focused on the practical development of active ingredients to leverage the microbiome’s potential. It surveyed how many consumers were ready for this type of technology. For those using probiotics, there was a high percentage interested in trying them for facial skincare. The interest was mainly from Millennials and 55+ as to how the microbiome relates to beauty.

We at ‘Nerys’ are more interested in natural carriers and ingredients. Although amongst our favourite ingredients such as Jojoba there have been developments. We now use Jojoba esters, that is a grafted polymer that swells to include more polar oils. This is ideal when added to the oils we use in our emulsifying phase. It is very suitable for anti-aging applications and adds a little lustre to the skin.

How can I help support the health of my Skin Flora?

We are all encouraged to maintain a balanced diet so that our gut biome supports our body (and our skin). If your skin is particularly sensitive or acne-prone, it’s important to look after it with products that support and heal. Our ‘Night Cream’ contains Allantoin (a derivative of the Comfrey herb), it is a fantastic skin healer. We have reports of success from those having small breakouts and using our moisturiser has helped the healing process significantly.

Another ingredient that assists in maintaining the health of our Skin Flora is Aloe Vera. This ingredient helps those who have skin subjected to the external elements or allergic conditions, in the Night cream it soothes soreness overnight. We also have included hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance that is plentiful in our bodies and helps keep skin plump, hydrated and younger-looking.  Our products also include antioxidants such as vitamin E and green tea extract to help with acne scarring as well as seed and nut oils to hydrate and balance skin.

Healthy skin isn’t far away, just make sure you’re supporting your Skin Flora with the right products. We’re so excited to introduce you to our Night Cream - coming soon.

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I am excited to try this cream, it makes so much sense to me! I have psoriasis on my eyebrows and feel this cream would help. Thank you.

Caroline July 04, 2021

Loved this Nerys Edit!!

Marney August 07, 2020

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