The Nerys. Story

Nerys. is a boutique, Western Australian family company focussed on providing vegan, cruelty-free, ethical, sustainable, herbal skin-care preparations which have endured the test of time.  

The skincare range, originally developed back in 1978 under a different name, was Western Australia’s first cruelty-free skincare range which attracted the interest of Animal Liberation and other groups interested in cruelty-free products at the time. 

So who was Nerys?  Nerys, is the name of the founder, our Mum and Grandmother who was born and raised in Aberystwyth, North Wales on the sea and near the mountains and wide-open spaces. 

When she was 9 she developed a boil on her arm which turned septic.  The local GP’s had tried a lot of different preparations medicines to try and heal the boil unsuccessfully.  The boil became gangrenous and the family was advised that Nerys would have to have an amputation. 

She described the memory of her grandmother (who she described as a 'Welsh witch' and who was an incredibly austere old lady) who became enraged with the GP, proclaiming that an amputation would occur “over her dead body”, (in Welsh of course).  She took Nerys away to her house in the woods for a few weeks. 

Nerys reports her Grandmother going into the woods with a basket, collecting a huge variety of healing herbs which she bought back and began to make poultices. She applied the poultices to the gangrenous boil day in and day out. The gangrene receded and within a week was not septic, and after a few weeks, was well on the way to healing nicely.  

Nerys returned home with her Grandmother but not before the old lady brought Mum back to the GP.  With brittle contempt the old lady marched Nerys into the surgery, pulling up the sleeve and showing him Nery’s healing wound stating, “your modern medicines will get you nowhere young man”.  And with that, she swivelled on a heel and marched Nerys out of the office. 

This experience set a life-long passion and knowledge of herbal medicine for Nerys. In her late teens, she became a nurse, learning extensively about western medicines.  In 1968, she emigrated to Australia with Marc. 

By the mid-1970s, Nerys and Marc Purchon moved from their suburban home in Bunbury and bought a 16-acre hobby farm in the Ferguson Valley, Western Australia.  In 1977, they began terracing the property with organic herb gardens and by 1978 Nerys integrated her nursing knowledge with the principles behind herbal medicine and began making the first skincare preparations at home on the stove in their country farmhouse. 

In 1978 the couple were able to release a range of natural skincare products with organic healing herbs as the basis of the products for the initial range. This included a body lotion, and ‘Green Magic’ - a powerful healing cream (which like Nerys’s Grandmother's poultice, was able to repair skin tissue on surface abrasions very quickly). 

The range soon extended to a night cream and day cream, lip salves, facial clay mask, eye cream, facial cleanser, soaps, shampoo and conditioner and hair tonic, massage oils and finally aromatherapy. Nerys and Marc, wanted a change of direction and decided to sell the skincare company in the mid-1980s. The company did not continue long after the sale due to a radical change to the formulas. 

Nerys began to write books and became a prolific and very well known best selling Australian author on the use of herbs as healing agents and essential oils. She wrote 13 books in all. Sadly, in 2010 Nerys died. Her books continue to be reprinted worldwide. 

Marc continues to make the original skincare products for family and friends but unfortunately, the general public has not had access to these products for many years. Now as a family formed business we have decided that it is time to bring these beautiful products back for public consumption.

The Nerys. Team

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